Having lots of property options is the key to putting fur in the dirt and the DWO team proves this early in the coyote season here in New York.  When an avid deer hunter struggles to keep deer in the field because of nuisance coyotes, he gives DownWind Outdoors a call to come take care of the problem.  Watch as DWO is surrounded by their favorite prey, the eastern coyote.

Shooter: Jerrod Vila
Caller: Andy DelliVeneri
Videographer: Brian Gaugler
Species: Eastern Coyote
Weight: ~34 Pounds
Sex: Female
Date: 10/1/2015
TOD: 7:00 am
Temperature: 33°

Call: DWO Signature Series by Reese Outdoors
Rifle: Remington Model 700
Scope: Nikon Monarch 6.5-20x44mm
Stock: Bell and Carlson Stock
Trigger: Jewell
Cartridge: Hand Loaded .22-250 Remington, 55gr Nosler Varmageddons
Bipod: Harris 13.5-27″ pivot
Camera: HDR-AX2000

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