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Hunting is what they live for. From an early age, family members and close friends brought hunting into the lives of the young men of DownWind Outdoors and their interest in the sport quickly developed into a desire. Through their lives, these men have continuously found time to enjoy their favorite past time. The group recently united through past and present friendships, assembling to share the same level of commitment, desire and respect for hunting to which they grew so accustomed. The level of commitment these men have for hunting is exhibited in all of the videos and pictures posted, some of which date back almost 10 years. Although the team enjoys turkey, deer, small game, upland bird hunting and even the occasional fishing trip, their primary focus has been coyote hunting. The overall assumption that coyote hunting is difficult and commonly unsuccessful in the State of New York is something the DownWind Team has set out to prove wrong.

The DownWind Outdoors team is comprised of hunters from all over New York State. Having a team with such a large range of contacts has allowed the men to gain access to hunt on thousands of acres of land within the state. Once permission is established, the team does an assessment of the property. Maps with boundary, topographic information and satellite imagery are generated to identify access, setup locations, and general ground cover. During scouting, the team will look for coyote sign, types of ground cover, available food sources, den locations, and prevailing winds in determining the likelihood of a coyote presence. Once the setup locations are identified, the team then plays the wind to get a coyote in close to their call.

An interest in capturing their hunts on film drove the team to recently purchase a new, high definition camera with exceptionable zoom, low light, and focus capabilities. Scouting techniques have been modified to consider not only shooter and caller location, but also the camera’s location, to ensure that every minute of the action is caught on tape. Although most of the quality film is generated during their dusk and dawn hunts, the team also enjoys hunting during the full moon, when a coyote is most likely to be on the prowl. The thrill of a successful coyote hunt is precious, but the ability to relive every moment of that thrill on film is priceless! With all the great technology out there today, the team wants to give their viewers a chance to enjoy that same thrill in high definition.
Enjoy the website and stay tuned for new videos and pictures!

See you in the woods,

The DownWind Outdoors Team