Tips & Tricks

Let us try and help you become a better hunter in the woods. Learn from some of our Tips & Tricks.

Coyote Hunting Scopes

Choosing the Best Coyote Hunting Scope

In a perfect world coyotes, fox, and bobcats would hunt during midday hours and sleep at night. They would trot in to your calls and stop broadside at 50 yards under a gleaming sun, a target any shooter could h...
Coyote Hunting FAQ

Coyote Hunting- FAQ

Q: What caliber do you prefer for hunting coyotes? A: We primarily hunt with 22-250’s which are fast, flat shooting and leave minimal pelt damage on impact. When a setup or the shot will likely occur in close ...
Approaching a Coyote Stand

Approaching a Coyote Stand

It's the most anticipated day of your week, the day you can get out to your favorite coyote stand. The conditions are perfect, the sun is just about to break the horizon and the wind is where it needs to be, no...
Coyote Hunting

Coyote Hunting for Success

While the coyote is more prevalent in the western United States, their eastern expansion has given the Downwind Outdoors team something to look forward to every year come the October 1st opener here in New York...